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Baseball Cards

I'm sure most folks know I'm an in-the-blood Red Sox fan. But here I am in San Francisco, watching people freak out about the Giants, who do seem to have that weirdo, underdog, rag-tag spirit that is hard not to root for. So I'm sittin here with my friend Eric, watching Game 1, being dumbfounded at their run production and laughing about their eccentricities. Lincecum's an easy one. I wanted to make one with the name 'Moocher' on it, in honor of the character from the classic movie 'Breaking Away' that looks EXACTLY like Lincecum (check out 1:20 in the trailer). But alas, Stoner is just too perfect and simple. As for Uribe, Eric is always talking about how he swings at anything, and it's hilarious now that he's become a postseason hero. Tonight, he struck out three times -- and hit a three-run shot that broke the game open.

So, some faux baseball cards for your dorky enjoyment. Making stuff is fun.

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I haven't been watching (though just checked, and good to see it's on early enough in the East to watch it), but it is exciting. It's funny seeing a lot of my elementary school friends who were die-hard A's fans 21 years ago but are so excited about SF.

I hated the ALCS, as I wanted the Yankees to lose, but didn't really want the Rangers to win.

October 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAlex
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