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Cuba, July 2010 - Words, Sound & Vision

Here's a little movie comprised of all the best pics & vids from our trip to Cuba. For best viewing, click on HD, then click on the full-screen icon next to that, then press play and enjoy.

All I can really say about Cuba is that everything I've heard or seen about it just isn't accurate. It's a really complex place, and I have the feeling that the small amount of time we spent there just barely scratched the surface. It's not some Utopia. There are a lot of people really struggling, without a lot of options. There's a very unsettling feeling of authority in the air, and some of the people we met had some pretty harsh stories to tell. Definitely reminded me to appreciate the freedoms I can take for granted. All that said, it's definitely not some horrible dictatorship either. They've done a lot right. There's also a fullness and vibrancy there that I've never felt anywhere else. The love of music and rhythm in particular permeates the whole place. I definitely recommend getting there before it opens up to the US. I'm sure it'll change for the better in some ways, and I also know it will be forever changed, and some of the time-capsule magic will be lost.

Anyway, enough with the words. Enjoy the images and sounds. Oh, the music was written and performed by a group of friends that befriended us. I brought a little recorder out one night and recorded a bunch of tunes they wrote, I'm getting that together now. We spent just about every night with them, up until all hours, beating up Beatles, Elvis, Marley, Radiohead and anything else we all knew, in between gorgeous Spanish songs, generally making a happy racket.

So, to Pedro y Duavel y todos el personas en El Grupo Tan Feliz (forgive my busted Spanish), we miss you. See you soon.

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So great :)

September 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAlex
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