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Bye, Thursday. Thank You.

I'm getting on a plane to the UK. We played somewhere there once, I remember. With Aereogramme (however that's spelled) on the bill too, I think. We played lots of places. We made some really fun noise from Hellfest to Hollywood. You let me ride on the bus with you when we toured, if I wasn't chasing you in a rental car. I'd irritate that one merch guy of yours to no end, selling my little mess of stuff sliding-scale next to the mountains he took care of, talking to people for way too long and clogging up the merch area. He'd laugh, though, and he'd always help out when I took a break to go play. You're definitely the band that I always felt the most at home with. You endured the implosion of a scene and an industry with grace and creativity; humble wants, high ideals. I kind of sidestepped all that by touring smaller and smaller. You had the infrastructure of a band to handle, both personally and logistically speaking. You stuck with it. You stuck with each other. I will miss seeing your name on the posters of cities I travel through. I hope that I'll see you all individually; on stages or in studios or in homes. As far as this Rock weirdo is concerned, you did it right. Yea, you stayed true.