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Movember Reign

- Movember Reign UK Tour Nov 12-24 (http://jonahmatranga.com/shows)
- Far on vinyl, finally (http://jonahmatranga.com/supahsale)
- Kickstarter Kwestions Koming
- Album finishing party in SF Dec 13
- Album done in December, somehow

So, as you can see from the list above, lots and lots and lots goin on this month. Trying to breathe through it and do the one step at a time dance. Never been my best sport.

Anyway, yea, a week from today, barely after getting home from an absolutely splendid adventure through Europe, I head back over to the ever-lovin UK for a handful of Autumnal shows. I'll be bringing merch with me for those that want to keep it super-direct and hand-delivered, including a very limited number of the reissued Far albums on colored vinyl (Water & Solutions and Tin Cans With Strings To You, pictured below). Here's a fun way to order stuff so I know just what to bring you: http://jonahmatranga.com/supahsale 

Whether you'll be at a show or not, you can use that page for simplicity and fun. For those that wrote before, please do it again, as now I have price ideas and available sizes on there to make it a little easier on all of us, haha. For those wanting stuff for the UK run, please let me know what you want ASAP so I can pack it up and bring it to wherever we'll meet up.

Since this tour is happening in November and I happen to have a mohawk, I've repurposed this really cool, cute idea called Movember by growing my mohawk instead of a moustache. Click here to see my page, please chip in and spread the word.

For all the kool kickstartin kids, I'll be saying hi direct, but just lettin you know here & now that the center of my life is making our new record happen in all the fun ways we've figured. Talk to you soon.

For those that don't know, I'm recording a collection of tunes called 'I Really Love Your Company' that will be done real soon. I'll be celebrating finishing it with a show on Dec 13 in Berkeley at the lovely Subterranean Arthouse.

And that'll about do it for this month's roundup. There's tons more to say (always), but it's all going into the music anyway, so there. I leave you for now with a goofy pic of me all happy with the new Far vinyl, which was surprisingly touching to touch. We've made some really fun stuff real, haven't we?

Thank you.




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