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Actually... This Feels Good.

On the bus home after dropping off my beaten-up old car for some serious surgery, I listened to this podcast about emo. A friend said he'd thought of me when he listened to it, and I really like Grantland, Bill Simmons, etc, so I checked it out. While it's a little surreal and I can hear my ego whining about not being mentioned in it (I can't help but think that Chris Dashboard purposefully avoided mentioning me, since I know how much Far and onelinedrawing meant to him, which makes me wonder if he's mad at me or something)... what I'm primarily feeling is a deep happiness that, while I've danced around the outskirts of so many scenes and labels, we've made a little world outside of all that somehow, and we're still here. So, for anyone that met me through music I've been a part of making, no matter when that happened: I'm so grateful that through all this, our conversation remains simple & direct (more and more, really), on this (relatively) small scale. Thank you.

ps - All that said, Kerrang! has written some really nice, thoughtful stuff over the years and I'm forever thankful to them... and anyone else that spreads the word that way. 

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