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My heart is more tender and porous (figuratively speaking) than ever. This crazy tornado drone (pun intended) of DuckDynastyTrayvonZimmermanNewtownMandelaHealthCareRKellySlaneGirlRacismAntisemitismHomphobiaMisogynyAusterityOnandonandonandon just overwhelms and paralyzes me with sadness so easily right now. Seeing people react to and reflect on it (or not) can be even more wrenching. Conflict on every level feels so scary and ugly right now. At the same time, so many ridiculously joyous things on global and personal levels (same thing, really) are equally vivid and palpable, bring happy tears and silly jigs even more easily than usual. It's all feelings that, also especially lately, don't really feel fitting to post about, other than to say it like this. That might change, but who knows. It also feels better to write it on my personal website, even when I share it via FB or whatever. There's something about the insane scale of 'communication' right now, the way bits and bytes can be take out of context, glanced at and impulsively echoed or eviscerated, blasted out everywhere, repeated and repeated and lost. I'm treasuring more than ever personal, direct connection right now, whether it's in relationship with people that like the music/ideas that I make or people I know on a more traditional, day-to-day, physically-present level.

Have a happy, healthy, honest, heaving-with-emotion day -- holi-day or otherwise.

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