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In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, I had an inexplicable spark of imagining what might be interesting and fulfilling and great about running a marathon. Marathons and other super-intense physical feats have always occurred to me kind of masochistic and strange, but I dunno, I just got this feeling, and I've always been someone that has trusted a feeling. So, G-d willing, I'll be running the Boston Marathon next year. Needless to say, I don't take this lightly in any way. Still scares me say it out loud (which is why I'm saying it out loud). There are so many ifs and maybes along the way, so many things I don't know.

Here's what I do know:

- I have no desire to attempt to qualify via speed (which would mean somehow running another marathon in around 3 hours, which is something like 7.5 minute miles for 26 miles, which just sounds like something I don't want to even contemplate trying), so...

- I'm now researching various charities that I can partner with to raise money. Even if I did want to learn to run that far that fast, it feels perfect to help other folks through all this. 

- I bought my first pair of semi-fancy running shoes and I'm enjoying them. They really make a difference! Go figure.

- I'm beginning a long, gradual, relaxed training process. I want this to be helpful, not hurtful, for my body and brain. My idea is to run at a very relaxed pace, just really take it easy and have fun with it. I'm already really enjoying the slow, solitary running in the morning.

- As you can see up top and in the pic below, I have a cute name for the idea, which has always helped me get and stay excited about things. I've been using the name 'onelinedrawing' for my music for a lot of years now, and when I thought of 'runlinedrawing', it sort of sealed the deal for me to do this. I may well tie any fundraising efforts in with music (comp of covers of tunes somehow related to running, singing a little bit for people every few miles during the race, silly stuff like that), so we'll see what feels fun.

So, there you go. We shall see. It feels scary and exciting and sweet.

Here's me imaging it happening:

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