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Letter Of The Moment

The music keeps having adventures, and it keeps making me smile and cry to hear about them. Here's the latest, courtesy of an amazing girl, her cool dad and a tune that actually came from an amazing interaction I had with my own daughter, years ago now.

"My daughter is five years old and diagnosed with autism and speech delay / impairment.  I only mention this so that you understand that it is a big deal when she has something to say.

Recently, she has been "sneaking" off with the ipad to watch slideshows that I made for my wife - pictures of her and her brother set to music that I choose. One of the songs is your "Belong."

A week or so ago, while she was brushing her teeth, I heard her humming the chorus to it.  A few days later, I heard her singing it ("you belong to me... you don't know me...).  So, I grabbed my guitar and started playing, and she sang along for just about the entire song and belted out the chorus.  That was pretty amazing.  But not the best part.

At a family party a few days ago, she grabbed her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins and led them on a sing-a-long.  She sang the verses and she even taught them the chorus so they could all it sing along with her. So - my entire family sat around and sang your song with her.  There were a lot of tears.

The 'autism' side to my daughter is only one small aspect, but it does keep her from being able to use her voice as much as she would like, so when we can share something like this with her it is absolutely amazing.  And now, she loves learning new songs and singing them while I play guitar.  I can't really express how perfect those moments are.

So - anyway - thanks a lot.  My friends and I saw Far and Willhaven open for Deftones when we were in college in Washington DC 1997 and we've been big fans ever since.  And this has definitely been my favorite part of it.

By the way - her other favorite song is Vedder's live cover of "Forever Young." That's pretty good company to keep.  (and awesome taste)"

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