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So, Saturday sucked. So much (more) bloodshed, and so many (more) predictably ugly, insane responses and arguments.

Sunday was filled with the kind of relief/release energy I always find when I'm reminded how fortunate I am to simply be alive and safe with people I love. Also, lots and lots of singing.

Now it's Monday, and I'm headed back into the work/world, feeling it all. Here's what's here:

When people blame Islam, Muslims, religion, refugees etc for all these attacks, that's the same sort of irrational, fearful, counterproductive bullllshit that leads to violence of all sorts, and gives any belief system, 'religious' or otherwise, a bad name. It is not patriotic, nor Christian, nor sensible (agnostics/atheists, I'm lookin at you).

When people blanket-blame America (or any other country and its people) for attacks and/or ugly responses, that's similarly sad and senseless. This killing machine has been being built for a long time now, across borders and generations. Paying more attention to the people and places that we align ourselves with for any number of reasons is another timeless, tragic game.

Simply put, this violence is about the decimation and desperation of war and its aftermath. It's also about the power of few and the manipulation of many, which of course happens in the context of religion sometimes -- along with pretty much every other social construct ever (nationality, economy, beauty, on and on and on). When our culture/species spends so much on weaponry and brutality, and so little on promoting education and/or understanding, what exactly do we expect the outcome to be? Spoiler alert: it won't work out well for any of us (except, perhaps, a tiny minority of wildly rich and powerful psychopaths).

Think it through. Follow the money. Check out yr complicity. Actually aspire to love yrself and yr neighbors, especially the ones that have different skin or clothing or stories. Hang out with them. Dig in. True diversity is worth working towards. As far as I can tell, it's the only way through.

Sensible. Also, heartbreaking. Still, I Love You.



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