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Old Kids On The Block - Hangin Tough

One of my favorite things about having hung out this long in RockLand™ is looking around and seeing who's still here with me. Not just here as in making music for a modest living; here as in still having actual fun with it, pushing it, questioning it, and just never taking it (or life in general) for granted. Safe to say Kevin Seconds embodies all of that as well as anyone I've ever heard about, much less hung out with. After decades of writing, singing, touring, painting, running the coolest little coffee shop there ever was, and too much more, now he's over 100 songs into making 400 tunes this year. I attempted something similar last year, and it was so much fun and so much work, and his tunes are way more fully realized (and just better haha) than mine were, dammit. Inspiring as ever.

All that is to say that gettin invited over to his place and sing with him & Al, on the scrappysweet badass little wonder that is song 101, is as much validation as I'll ever need that this life has worked out impossibly well, and that for whatever mistakes I've made on any number of levels, I've done some decent stuff too. Thanks to them, Hank, Lu... and really, the whole Sacto crew that keeps this place fresh, friendly and rocking. Excited for our show in June and whatever shows show up after that. Turn up!

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