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Here's An Idea: End White Supremacy.

Want to end all the craziness in our country (like Baltimore burning right now)? Dismantling our system of white supremacy -- and its ugly uncle wealth disparity -- would be a good start. And if you somehow think the system of white supremacy that our nation was literally built on isn't a thing anymore, and doesn't still affect every facet of our culture in one way or another, then ending that illusion would be a good start. Until white people -- and all of the ruling class, which is essentially all white, which kinda says it all -- start really speaking up (legislation, education, etc) about the system we have in place, its bloody roots, the ways they've (we've) benefited from said system, and how it all makes for all sorts of pain for just about all of us (let's say 99%), this isn't gonna just go away. So let's please stop with the sanctimonious pleas for peace and #AllLivesMatter and 'respecting property' blah blah (along with the more overtly racist rhetoric), and just recognize the inevitability of more and more upset in our broken, dying, careening-towards-third-world cities. Let's talk about that. Let's post about that. It's actually not that complex, it's just really uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable, though, as being brutally paralyzed and essentially murdered like Freddie Gray was. May he rest in peace. May we work towards real, sustainable justice in honor of his short, sad life.

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