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Who Knows Where Music Goes

My friend Marissa just told me that a tune of mine was mentioned on this great podcast Mortified. Turns out it's a great lil story, about a high school girl's first crush on a dude that turns out to be gay. The song is called Believer (listening link below). It's from this onelinedrawing record called The Volunteers. It's always been one of my favorite songs (of mine), though I rarely play it cos it just seems to only work in a certain context... and I used chords that are still kinda beyond my grasp.

Anyway, I'm really happy she mentioned it, and I'm even happier that I still get happy about hearing about my music showing up in people's lives in various ways, even/especially when it's something as simple and sweet as this. Lots more thoughts about that whole subject, maybe another time.

So thanks, Mortified folks! Speaking of which, I have some seriously mortifying stories (and songs) of my own, so maybe I'll be on the show sometime and bring this all full circle. Jenny (and yr ex-boyfriend), you'll definitely get a shout-out.

Yay music!


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