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Happy Voting Small

Perhaps the only thing more depressing than shopping-days-til-christmas creep is national politics pageantry starting centuries before the actual elections. All the apathy-as-idealism ("they're all the same!!!") ranting is just as soul-sucking, counterproductive, and vain. Bernie Sanders is (very) cool and all, but the real action hasn't been happening at Prez for a long time, and as we've seen with President Obama, if there's not a consistent groundswell that shows up for less-obsessed-over elections/issues (midterm elections, I'm lookin at you), who's at the top matters less and less -- though we seem to blame them more and more, which is tragicomic ironic. 

Anyway, I'm aspiring to use my frustrations about these distractions as energy to educate myself properly on local/regional elections and issues for 2016. I'd love to build a little coalition of folks in every little nook and cranny of our overwhelmingly large country/world, all autonomously doing that local-elections research busywork and trying to give our family, friends and networks as much support/info as possible to participate in our democracy in simple, effective ways on election days. Oh, if anyone knows of great (inter)national sources for simple centralized info about this stuff, please post. There are plenty of other ways to get involved too, but the GOPTP figured out a while back that the less folks make it to the polls, the tighter their racist, misogynist, homophobic, corporatist grip gets on our communities. Let's stay connected, vote smart and change that.

And now, back to my regularly-unscheduled program. Music-making and communicating will commence. Onward into the abyss (of Monday)!!!


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