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The 'Right' Not To Vote?

To all the non-voters out there proclaiming their 'right' not to vote: You do indeed have the #privilege not to vote, be aware of anything anyone is voting about, etc. Odds are, if you have the resources to be posting about it on the internets from a computer or a phone, then the comfort and security of the system built (via voting) to protect you and/or keep you passive and consuming will keep rumbling along for the rest of yr sheltered life, and most people truly and palpably affected by public policy are people so poor and disenfranchised (or so rich and isolated) that you'll never know them anyway, so you're okay there too. There are also tons of great-sounding stories that you get to regurgitate as you attempt to justify yr choice. It's a pretty good time, really. That said, referring to it as yr 'right' not to vote, given that a 'right' is generally something granted to you via voting of various sorts, is tragicomic ironic, along with many other relatively terrible things. Yay democracy!

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