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Birthday (Perpetually) Celebrating.

This trip around the birthdays finds pasts and futures dancing, trying to keep my eyes open literally and figuratively, feeling it all. Snapped this pic yesterday morning, trying to catch the stunning sunrise in the rearview, leaving Sacto at dawn to get back in time for ‪#‎GlideSF‬ (so glad I did), in the middle of a 24-hour stretch in which I had a total of 6 wildly varied show-ish things (all of which turned out astonishingly wonderfully), and a lotta driving gettin to and fro. Now I'm waiting for a flight to NYC, where I will rent a car tomorrow morning and drive to Connecticut (unless anyone with a car wants to come with me haha) to play a sweet little b-day house show. Anyway, the flight just got drastically delayed, which likely means that by the time I land, in the time zone I'm in then, it'll be the anniversary of August 11, 1969, the day I was born. Whatever that moment must've felt like, all that innocence and wonder and drive to be and stay alive, that's what I want to celebrate and recommit to every time this time on the calendar comes around, and the rest of the time too. I sincerely wish the same for all of you, no matter how we've come to know each other, with a love that I may never really be able to understand or express properly. The fun part is to keep trying in the face of that. Let's keep going. Happy tears from all the heres.

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