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Vanilla ISIS

Here is one way unchecked #WhitePrivilege turns into #DomesticTerrorism: A(nother) gang of White guys with guns was protesting on behalf of two arsonists that are serving prison time after being found guilty of lighting massive fires on their property that spread onto public land, all to cover up their illegal hunting. Some of the protesters broke off and are now staging an armed occupation of a federal building and a wildlife refuge for native birds. They claim the occupation will last 'years', some of them have openly stated they are ready to die (with one literally filming a tearful goodbye to his family while ranting about oaths and tyrannical gov't, etc). They have not ruled out violence in response to law enforcement removing them from the land and restoring safety and order to the refuge. They claim to understand the Constitution better than the rest of us, and use that rationalization to defend their actions as legal/right somehow. Anyway, this article has all the surreal details. While the people that killed #TamirRice and #TrayvonMartin (and on and on) all remain free and #WhiteAmerica stays all too silent, there’s this. Can you even imagine what would happen if a bunch of Black people with countless weapons were gathered in open defiance of the government? Can you imagine how the media might cover it? How law enforcement might handle it? How you might feel about it? Imagining aside, basically, if you give these truly terrifying people a pass while complaining privately or publicly about protests concerning #WhiteSupremacy and systemic #racism messing up yr morning commute etc, and/or if you're still using anything like the phrase #AllLivesMatter without irony, and/or if you still don't get the term #BlackLivesMatter, try wondering why. Think it through. Be honest with yrself.

Finally and seriously, rather than posting some half-baked retort that you think I haven't heard eight trillion times already — perhaps in some attempt to justify this insanity — please just unfriend™ me and save us both some time. Peace.


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