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The Greatest


There are many white people that mean right
And want to do right
But there are so few
If 10,000 rattlesnakes was comin down that aisle
And I had a door here I could shut
And in that 10,000
1000 meant right
1000 rattlesnakes didn’t wanna bite me
I KNEW they were good
Should I let all these rattlesnakes come down
hopin that that thousand get together and form a shield
or should I just close the door and stay safe? 
You understand? 
The Viet Cong are not all bad
But America’s still dropping bombs
In Hiroshima, Japan wasn’t bad
But they still dropped the bomb
In Korea they wasn’t bad
But they still dropped the bomb
So now I’m gonna forget the 400 years
Of lynchin and killin and deprivin my people
Of freedom and justice and equality
The first fired last hired
Lowest of low
Last respected
And I’m gonna look at two or three White people
!ho are trying to do right
And don’t see the other million
That are tryin’ to kill me? 
I’m not that big of a fool…

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