Random ramblings.


Alone vs. Lonely

Here's a neat article, sent to me by a dear friend, about spending time alone.

This is something I spend quite a bit of time wrestling with. Back to working & dreaming alone in my little apartment. Wishing you well wherever you are, with people or not.



For a while now, I've thought of this song as a great and wise teaching in the form of a ridiculously rocking, infectious rock tune: Surrender, but don't give yourself away. This is a great performance, with the 'We're all alright!' live bit at the end extra-pronounced. 

When I played a few shows with some of the guys in Attention/Gratitude, we'd all get together onstage and encore with version of this, paying homage to the iconic version from Live At Budokan.

I love music. 


Winners, Exp*erie*nce, Welland, Wondering

Chronology and reasons are overrated.

Birthdays and Youth Action Centers.

Charlie Sheen's universe-overtaking and undeniably humorous though also undeniably sad meltdown.

A star-studded, multi-million-dollar reminder to us all that fedoras and/or modern dance should not play a part in most, or perhaps any, movie. 

Baba O'Riley speaking to and of North American would-be industrial cities in tough times.

American Falls.

Trying not to worry about wondering.

The irreplaceable feeling of actual companionship.

Red Lobster gift certificates.

The magic of cheesy biscuits.

Learning how elusive a café can really be.

20 of 48 hours spent appreciating cruise control.

Recommendations from register guy about the best stay-awake stuff.

The sun as deep-orange pupil in a perfectly grayscale morning eye.

Really something.



How We Find Things

Movie I just saw that everyone seems to think is romantic but I just found horrifyingly depressing, though still brilliant:



Movie I just saw that many people will likely find horrifyingly depressing but I found to be, if not romantic, then at least life-affirming and beautiful, and brilliant no matter what:




Reading about Mike Starr's (Ex-Alice In Chains) death. Feeling very grateful for my choices that have led progressively away from mainstream 'success'. Circumstances aside, everyone has their stuff, me for sure, but there's something to the counterintuitive correlation between success/fame/riches and this profound unhappiness I've grown up witnessing.


This Just Made Me Cry, #1,256,312

127 Hours. Just so much more than I thought it would be. Astonishing, on so many levels. And in the end, just a beautiful, horrifying portrayal of what it takes, what I have to put myself through, just to finally surrender and ask for help. Truly moving.




This Just Made Me Cry, #1,256,311

 M. Ward cover of a Daniel Johnston tune. Simple, awkward, stunning. Got straight to me. I could write lots more, but just want to share.

Story of an Artist (Daniel Johnston covered by M.Ward)


Time Goes By

Anyone remember that song? Rush ripoff band from the 80s, loved them.
Anyway, it really does. Can't believe I haven't written here in months. This post is basically just to say that I'm gonna spend more time writing here and less on FB, etc. Just feels better to have it here, more patient, thorough, personal. I'm sure FB is more convenient and blah blah, but so is McDonald's, and I'm all about home-cookin over fast food. So, I'll probably keep using that and other tech-of-the-moment for news blips and such, but here is where I'll be for the real stuff, one way or another.

And now, enjoy some awesome 80s guitar wankery, and consider your life. Love it.



Baseball Cards

I'm sure most folks know I'm an in-the-blood Red Sox fan. But here I am in San Francisco, watching people freak out about the Giants, who do seem to have that weirdo, underdog, rag-tag spirit that is hard not to root for. So I'm sittin here with my friend Eric, watching Game 1, being dumbfounded at their run production and laughing about their eccentricities. Lincecum's an easy one. I wanted to make one with the name 'Moocher' on it, in honor of the character from the classic movie 'Breaking Away' that looks EXACTLY like Lincecum (check out 1:20 in the trailer). But alas, Stoner is just too perfect and simple. As for Uribe, Eric is always talking about how he swings at anything, and it's hilarious now that he's become a postseason hero. Tonight, he struck out three times -- and hit a three-run shot that broke the game open.

So, some faux baseball cards for your dorky enjoyment. Making stuff is fun.