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    Interdependent Definitely Excellent Activities Society

    This has been keeping me up at night for a while now, in good ways. I feel like I've sort of articulated it below (and on the site), but I dunno. I know that it could really shift the way we show up for and stick with each other in pretty profound ways in terms of songs, shows and so much else. Mostly, my request is, even if you don't want to read through all the babble below (or even if you do and it seems really weird haha), just please check it out and give it a try; pick an option on instinct and trust me/us. I think it could be really amazing. For now (and maybe ever), I’m not gonna talk about it much on FB and all. If this idea could really get up and running and sustainable without having all the networks and platforms involved, that would be really exciting in and of itself. So yea, if you just want to jump in... 


    Or read on, enjoy fun thoughts below on whats and whys. And no matter what, thank you. I am making as much music as I ever have (and having as much fun doing it as I ever have), and I am as off-the-grid as I’ve ever been, and I am having such a good time with you.

    Love, Jonah

    20-ish years ago, I was turning 25, weeks away from becoming a father, while mourning the recent death of my own father. My first band Far had gotten a modest record deal that gave me enough money so that I could really just start relying on music to make a living, at least for a little while. Since way back then, there have been so many record labels, bands, shows, agents, managers, and adventures of all sorts. Through everything, the most interesting thing for me has always been interacting with you, and the most gratifying rewards have come from individual people that care enough about it to spend yr time, energy and money helping me to make these ideas real. That is all true more than ever these days, with social networks and a general glut of information and ‘content’ doing its best to dilute the thing the internet is still best for — simple, personal connection.

    I.D.E.A.S. is a step on that journey that feels really exciting to me; a way to use technology to enhance our connection rather than dilute it. It’s an invitation to change how we have exchange around the music and communication that comes with it. Rather than the usual rhythm of gearing up to promote albums and all that, this will be an ongoing community, where you chip in a bit every month, whatever you can swing, and I just keep making music and whatever else, staying happily focused on just getting it out to a community of people that I know will be interested in it. I’ll keep you up to date on new music and whatever other ideas as they arrive. You’ll get music and ideas and all sorts of cool stuff from me regularly, as well as being involved and connected to that process in a whole new way, as much as you want to be (or not). I’ll send you stuff, make individual gifts of all sorts, build you a library of rare stuff & live stuff, put you on guest lists, visit you wherever you are… anything we can think of, really. I’ll just do everything in my power to make it a fair, fun deal for you in every way, and I’m hoping it’ll just feel good for you to be supporting a strange creature like me in doing what I love. As it always is with our amazing conversations, I know that more details and ideas will arise as this goes on. The more of you that trust me and hop in, the more opportunities for that will be created, on every level. It really doesn’t matter what amount works for you, it’s just being a part of this in whatever way feels right for you. If you don’t have a lot, don’t stretch it or anything; I’m going to continue to make stuff no matter what, and I’ll keep trying to make fun ways to show it you and keep in touch as personally as possible. This will just help me breathe so much easier, knowing that you’re with me. I have never counted on music to give me any sort of cushy life, I’m just grateful it’s sustained me and helped me raise my daughter. I mention that to say that if this goes incredibly well and you all rock it beyond my wildest dreams, all that will happen is I’ll keep living my simple life and using any extra money to find ways to make I.D.E.A.S. better and better for you. 

    Okay... here are some different ways to be a part of this:

    $1.80 - Infinite Songs

    * This is a simple show of support that goes a long way. It lets me know that you love I.D.E.A.S. as much as I do, that I’ve got yr vote enough to put me on yr bank statement every month. You’ll receive whatever music gets made every month, along with some thoughts about the tune(s) and whatever else. I won’t be releasing said song publicly then (or maybe ever); it’d just be for us that are part of this. It might be a new tune, and I’ve had some curiosity about re-recording some older tunes in various ways, so this might be perfect for that. One way or another, it would a be a newly created thing on a regular basis, which would be the basis for keeping in touch in direct and personal ways.

    $3.60 - Monthly Show / CD / Catalog

    * Along with the monthly songs, I’ll be doing a free online show every month for everyone that chooses this level. Other people will be welcome to chip in and watch (though the idea is that I really won’t do too much promotion, etc, just keep it casual and communal), but no matter what, you’ll be on the digital guest list. Oh, and we could think of fun themes for various shows (playing a whole album, or all covers, or songs that start with ‘A’ or whatever fun stuff we dream up).

    * Whether the monthly songs become any sort of album or not, every year around my birthday I’ll make a collection of all the songs that arrive, with some thoughts on the year and stuff. I’ll send a CD of everything to everyone at the level. For people in the US, it’ll be totally free; for int’l folks that want a CD, I’ll ask for a bit to help with postage, but just enough to keep it fair for all. For those that prefer a digital version, all the art and thoughts will be included with that as well. If for any reason any other version of a yearly song collection gets released in a more traditional way, you’d get that version as well of course, but whatever is released publicly won’t be the same as what this community will receive.

    * Finally, anyone wanting to jump in at this level will have access to get downloads direct from me of any songs you want, anytime. I’ll help find really rare, weird stuff, or just round out yr collection. If this whole I.D.E.A.S. thing goes well enough, I have dreams of building a little personal streaming station of all the songs and such, but for now, I’ll just make sure you have all the music you could ever want :)

    $9.00 - Guests & Gifts

    *In addition to all that stuff up there (monthly songs, year-end album, free online shows, etc), if you can swing $9-ish, I’ll happily put you on the guest list for any shows of mine you wanted to attend. Also, at any show you made it to, you’ll be welcome to a gift from the merch table, whatever you like, whether for you or a friend. 

    *Also, for the yearly roundup, for people involved at this level, I’ll find ways to do cool stuff like print really short-run limited vinyl for everyone, or make a special shirt, or you can just tell me what you want in any given year and we’ll figure it out. The more of you hop on at this level, the more creative we can be with that. One way or another, I’ll make sure you feel how much I appreciate this.

    $18.00 - Unique / Family / Support

    * At this level, I’ll make you a Unique Recording every year, of any song you like, for whatever reason (birthdays, weddings, whatever feels special). I love making these so much, and doing it this way, we’d both be able to get nice and creative with what we made and why.

    * Also, aside from being on the guest list yrself, you’ll be able to bring a friend or two to a shows and you’ll all be on the list and get free stuff (within reason haha). 

    * Speaking of stuff, if you rock this level, then anything I release in any way over the course of the year, whether solo or with a band/project, whether from home or with a little label, or as part of a compilation or a split or somethin, whether an album or a book or whatever else… I’ll make sure you get a copy for free if you want one, dedicated to you or whomever you like. If for any reason the postage is super crazy, we’ll work it out, but I’ll keep that minimal and totally fair. 

    $36.00 - US Visit

    * If you can rock this, along with getting all the fun stuff above, I will have to come say thanks in person, bearing gifts of course. Anywhere in the US, I’ll make sure to make it to you once a year — either to yr house if you want to have a little gathering there, or somewhere real nearby. If there are multiple folks rocking this in the same area, we’ll figure it out together, which would be especially fun. If it’s really far away or travel costs are really pricey for whatever reason, I may ask for help with travel costs, but if I can swing it myself, I will be happy to.

    $90.00 - World Visit

    * Same as above, except this is good for anywhere in the world! For real. Once a year, we’ll plan it out together and make it happen. And whether you’re in the US or overseas, along with being welcome to everything else I’ve talked about above, if you’re being this supportive, I would love to support you in whatever other ways you can think of. I’ll help you write songs, make stuff of all sorts, trade thoughts on parenting… open to all yr ideas of how to make this magic together.

    Thank you!!!!