Got an idea for a show, whether club, house or?

Here's what's next. Whether you have an idea for a show involving normal rock clubs and such or somethin else, send ideas/offers anytime. I love being a part of occasions of all sorts. Please include as much info as you can about your idea, how you'd like me to be a part of it, and a rough idea of what would work for you $-wise. Thanks for keeping it direct and personal. 


Upcoming Stuff

More stuff added soon and all the time.

Any questions or ideas, say hi anytime by clicking here.



Thu Jul 2 - Aberdeen, Scotland - Tunnels

Fri Jul 3 - Annan, Scotland - Station House

Sat Jul 4 - Dunlop, Scotland - Dunlop Bowling Club

Sun Jul 5 - Leek, UK - The Roebuck DAYTIME 14:00-16:00-ish

Wed Jul 8 - London, UK - Borderline

Thu Jul 9 - Swindon, UK - The Victoria

Fri Jul 10 - Newport, UK - Le Pub

Sat Jul 11 - Cotswolds, UK - 2000 Trees Festival  

Tue Jul 14 - Brighton, UK - Hope And Ruin

Thu Jul 16 - York, UK - The Basement

Fri Jul 17 - Stourbridge, UK - Scary Canary

Sat Jul 18 - Tamworth, UK - The Attic

Sun Jul 19 - Hartlepool, UK - The Studio

Mon Jul 20 - Newcastle, UK - Think Tank

Tue Jul 21 - Otley, UK - Korks

(Other ideas for UK-ish shows around then? Lemme know)


Fri Sep 25 - Festival L'Automne de Morthomiers (FR)



Fri-Sat Oct 2-3 - Rouen (FR)

(Other ideas for Europe-ish shows around then? Lemme know)