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    Unique Recordings

    I’ve been thinking; there’s no equivalent for an oil painting, sculpture, etc. in pop music. Everything is reproduced. We pop artists make something, make a bunch of copies of it, and sell it that way. I love that, and I’ll keep doing it, but the idea of a Unique Recording really interests me. Bootlegs are sort of unique, but not really, as they come from a public display, etc. Classical pieces and the like are commissioned, but for huge fees, as with most commissioned art, which makes unique art generally unavailable to the general public. So, I’d like to try making original works of art, comprised of songs that you choose. The idea is to balance the idea of a unique work of art with a more reasonable price structure. You can have something made for yourself, or for a loved one, either way is okay with me.

    So here’s how it’ll work: The songs can be chosen from anything I’ve been a part of over the years; originals, any band I’ve been a part of, covers I’ve done, etc. I love learning new songs as well.  If I can’t figure out a cool way to do a song you want to hear, we’ll think of an alternative. I'm also open to writing songs with you in any number of ways (singing & playing on your track, using your lyrics, melody ideas or themes, etc). Whatever we do, any number of songs is okay. I've made Unique records that are from 1 song to 20. It’s all decided by us. 

    I can use a very simple setup to make recordings that are nice and personal, and I can make it fancier in various ways as well. The methods will change from time to time depending on our agreement, the environment, the song choice, new ideas, available equipment, etc. I’ll perform the songs that we decide upon, using yr ideas and suggestions, in whatever way that feels right at the time (loud, soft, spoken, who knows).

    I will never play, or use in any way, that recording again without your permission. It's for you. Of course, in this digital age, I understand that you may choose to share the songs with other people, which of course is totally up to you. I can’t control that, just as a visual artist can’t control someone that wants to reproduce their work via scanning, copying, etc. Basically, though, I’m hoping you'll see it as I do, which is that you’re getting something that is one of a kind, from me to you. If you share it with friends, or of course play it for them, I hope it’s in that spirit. It will be an original work, directly from me to the person that wants it. I imagine it as something you have for yourself, maybe to play for visitors sometimes, just as a painting would be shown. I like the idea of one unique recording, that I never hear again (unless you play it for me), in someone’s home. I like the idea of people getting something that is unique; that’s rare these days. I like the idea of it being so closely between me and the listener. It feels like an exciting way to (re-)experience the things I’ve made, and to let others experience it in a way that they choose.

    The price of the recording will be determined by the number of songs, how hard it is to learn them, the complexity and specificity of your ideas, and mostly, what you think is fair. My starting suggested range is $360-ish (or more if you can) for a simple, high-quality, guitar & voice home recording. Starting around $900-ish, we can talk about more instrumentation or whatever you have in mind. As with all things involving exchange, I’m flexible, for real. I really just want you to pay whatever feels fair, fun & possible. I’ve just tried to suggest a price that values the idea of a unique piece of artwork, while still being reasonable.

    So... If you like this idea as much as me, if you know what you want, how much you’d like to pay, how you’d like to pay, all that stuff, then let me know. Here's a list that will give me all the info I’ll need to get started. You can just cut-and-paste that into a message to me. Once you send the info and payment, I’ll get going making your recording. If there is anything I have a question about (a certain cover song, etc.), I’ll let you know. 



    *How much you'd like to pay, based on what I said up there:

    *How you'd like to pay - PayPal, check, in person, etc:

    *Due Date, etc?:

    *Contact info (Address/email/phone):

    *Dedications/thoughts/extra info:

    *Anything else?


    Any questions/ideas, lemme know, I'm sure we can work something out.  

    Thanks for having the music in your life. Means a lot.